Do you have a major problem in your home or do you have a number of issues that you would just like someone to come in and fix everything. 

What's In

  • Quoted items and price.

Whats' Out

  • Anything we specifically exclude from our quote


The Details

We can help you with a whole range of issues!

  • Airconditioning re-ducting
  • Electrical rewiring or replacement of multiple fittings
  • Replacement of drainage or major re-plumbing
  • Re-plumbing appliances

With one click you can schedule a Quote Visit; we will assess your issues and provide you a quote to solve your problems at just AED 195/- 

If you have any other requirements, just let us know! We’d be happy to help.

The Fine Print
  • Quotations are only provided by Email & Portal
  • By clicking 'Accept Quotation' via the Portal the full amount will be charged to the Customer Account
  • Customer must pay before works will be scheduled to commence


Quote For Repairs

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    * You may be contacted to confirm your requirement. A quote will then be emailed to you for acceptance.